Chile´s Bicentennial!

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 Fondo Esperanza´s Feliz Cumpleaños Greeting

Fondo Esperanza´s Feliz Cumpleaños Greeting

By Lorena Gil, KF12, Fondo Esperanza – Chile

On September 18th, Chile celebrates its bicentennial with a long four day weekend dedicated to asados (outdoor barbeques) and street fairs.  For the past month everyone in Chile has anticipated and patiently waited for this weekend.  Everywhere you look the Chileno pride is proudly displayed, cars and windows are adorned with the Chilean Flag.

Gloria Correa

Gloria Correa borrower of Fondo Esperanza selling traditional Chilean items

The cueca music blasts in the stores and bars and couples dance this song with pride.  The clothing worn during the cueca dance is very traditional Chilean.  The men in the dance wear cowboy hats, shirts, flannel pancho, riding pants, short jacket, and riding boots. Women wear flowered dresses with an apron.  The day before school lets out for the long weekend children are asked to perform the cueca dance for parents and children are provided an afternoon to play the traditional Chilean games (kites, el trompo (top), and emboque).

Fondo Esperanza

Zona Sur Austral Fondo Esperanza - Bicentennial Greeting!

Families gather together for outdoor barbeques and dance the night away. Picture Thanksgiving or Christmas gatherings in your house and times that by four straight days of celebration and foods a galore. Recreational parks are decorated and tents are installed for cueca dance shows, also providing street venders the opportunity to sell items.  Many microenterprises have been working hard to prepare their merchandise to sell at the local fairs; some are selling games, traditional clothing, and food.

To travel and embrace the culture of the country is one of the perks Kiva Fellows are able to enjoy.   The Chilean Bicentennial has only highlighted the country’s focus to showcase their past, present and what they seek for their future.

Los Valores Bicentenarios de Chile (Chile´s Bicentennial Values)

  • Un país que rescata, valora y respeta sus identidades que crea, difunde y preserva su patrimonio natural y cultural (tangible e intangible). A country that upholds its values and respects the identity it creates, disseminates and preserves natural and cultural heritage.
  • Un país libre y democrático que promueve una cultura de libertad y participación, impulsando el desarrollo de espacios de expresión, interacción y diálogo ciudadanos. A free and democratic country that promotes a culture of freedom and participation, promoting the development of areas of expression, interaction and dialogue citizens.
  • Un país diverso e integrado que  promueve la cultura de la tolerancia y la no discriminación, los diálogos interculturales y la inclusión de la comunidades discriminadas. An integrated and diverse country that promotes the culture of tolerance and non-discrimination, intercultural dialogue and the inclusion of discriminated communities.
  • Un país socialmente equitativo y solidario que  promueve la igualdad de oportunidades y desarrolla capacidades para la autopromoción social. A socially equitable and united country that promotes equal opportunities and develop social skills for self-promotion. An integrated and diverse country that promotes the culture of tolerance and non-discrimination, intercultural dialogue and the inclusion of discriminated communities.
  • Un país en crecimiento que impulsa el desarrollo de las capacidades de las personas, articula estratégicamente los sectores privado y público y motiva la innovación en productos y procesos y el uso de nuevas tecnologías.  A growing country that drives the development of the capacities of people, articulates strategic private and public sectors and encourages innovation in products and processes and the use of new technologies.
  • Un país en armonía con el medio ambiente que promueve una cultura de cuidado del medio ambiente y del respeto y amor por los animales y la naturaleza en general. A country harmony with the environment that promotes a culture of environmental care and respect and love for animals and nature in general.

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