Update from the Field: New Partners, Country-Specific Microfinance + Stories of a Kiva Fellowship

20 June 2011 at 02:00 6 comments

Compiled by Kathrin Gerner, KF15, Togo

Pig loans in Indonesia (by Anne Conlin)

This week, fellows located on three different continents were busy writing blogs to share their experiences. Learn what it takes to become a new Kiva partner in Ecuador, experience family-style microfinance in Lebanon, find out about a unique pig loan product in Indonesia, and get the inside scoop about being a Kiva fellow in Senegal.

What Does it Take to be Kiva Field Partner: New Partnerships in the Middle of the World, Part I
Country: Ecuador / Fellow: Kate Bennett (KF15)

Kate tells us about the 7-step process a microfinance institution must follow before becoming a Kiva partner and how she is helping Fundación Alternativa to complete step 7.

New Partnerships in the Middle of the World, Part II
Country: Ecuador / Fellow: Megan Bond (KF15)

Continuing the series on new partners in Ecuador, Megan describes FODEMI’s first steps as a Kiva partner.

Micro-finance Family Style
Country: Lebanon / Fellow: Heba Gamal (KF15)

Heba is thrilled to be a temporary member of Al Majmoua family, a Kiva partner in Lebanon.

Pig Loans in Paradise: Microfinance for Livestock in West Bali, Indonesia
Country: Indonesia / Fellow: Anne Conlin (KF15)

Anne sheds some light on a unique loan product in Indonesia, the Pig Breeder Group Loan Program, which targets groups of ten female neighbors.

This. Is. Africa! Some stories of a Kiva Fellowship
Country: Senegal / Fellow: Tim Young (KF15)

A few weeks into his fellowship Senegal, Tim looks at some of the different aspects involved in being a Kiva Fellow, from meeting innovative borrowers to appearing on TV.

Updates from the past month:
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Instability, Trust + A New Home
Unsung Heroes, Community Alliances + and Mission Statements Made Reality
Personal Connections, Supply and Demand + A Culinary Excursion
Farewells, Mistaken Identities + Micro-Microfinance

Plus more pictures from the past week:

Ecuador (by Kate Bennett)

Ecuador (by Megan Bond)

Lebanon (by Heba Gamal)

Indonesia (by Anne Conlin)

Senegal (by Tim Young)

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This. Is. Africa! Some stories of a Kiva Fellowship Paving the Way to the Future (Part 1): Bad Roads, Transportation Costs and Microfinance in Togo


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