Update from the Field: Working Animals, Green Microfinance + The Ends of the Earth

1 August 2011 at 02:00 6 comments

Compiled by Kathrin Gerner, KF15, Togo

Black Rhino in Swaziland (by Tim Young)

This week, learn how microfinance could help working animals and their wild cousins in Senegal. Find out more about pigs in Indonesia and how pig waste can be put to good use with biogas digesters. Then understand more about the infrastructure difficulties facing a Kiva partner in Sierra Leone.

Working Animals, Conservation & Microfinance
Country: Senegal / Fellow: Tim Young (KF15)

Tim considers two successful examples of organizations working with local communities to improve the livelihoods of working animals and their wild cousins.

Green Microfinance: Backyard Biogas in Bali, Indonesia
Country: Indonesia / Fellow: Anne Conlin (KF15)

Anne tells us how MUK is trying to put pig waste to good use by installing biogas digesters in the backyards of successful pig borrowers.

To the Ends of the Earth
Country: Sierra Leone / Fellow: Eric Rindal (KF15)

Eric sheds some light on the issues facing a Kiva partner in a country with an unreliable power supply and finicky fuel costs.

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Plus more pictures from the past week:

Senegal (by Tim Young)

excerpt pic

Indonesia (by Anne Conlin)

Sierra Leone (by Eric Rindal)

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