Mr. Cool: Layla’s Story (Video Blog)

21 December 2011 at 20:00 1 comment

By Laurie Young, KF16

Awhile ago I attended a Kiva loan disbursement for VisionFund Indonesia with my Kiva Coordinator, Valentine.  She and I were both intrigued by a product called Mr. Cool that Layla, the leader of the group, has a business turning into ice cream pops.  Often times the borrowers we met during field visits were quiet and reserved.  However, Layla was extremely excited to have us in her home and show us all about her business making Mr. Cool pops.  She was the most outgoing and charismatic borrower I met during my time in Jakarta and, because of this, I wanted to share our visit with you.


Laurie Young recently completed her Kiva Fellowship (KF16) working with VisionFund Indonesia in Jakarta.  If you would like to learn more about VisionFund Indonesia, please visit their partner page.  You can also support them by joining the lending team for VisionFund Indonesia. Former posts written by Laurie about her experiences in Jakarta and with VisionFund Indonesia can be found at:

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  • […] I quickly discovered what the mysterious objects were (and what ‘use of the stage’ meant) when the third singer stepped up. It was the janitor from CSJ headquarters, Don Vinicio, who as it turns out is an impressive baritone with a mean stage presence and a penchant for ballads. As he began to sing, someone walked in front of the stage with a match in hand. Sparks and flames began shooting up from two of the metal objects in front of Don Vini to a height of at least 15 feet. (Please excuse the quality of the following clips… they’re fun, but they aren’t nearly as awesome in terms either content or video skills as Laurie’s video from yesterday) […]

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