20 Years in 2012: A Celebration of Serving the Filipino Poor

22 January 2012 at 04:51 2 comments

The new year is already in full swing and resolutions are being met or failed as we speak. This New Year’s celebrations, for me, was a little different as I got to spend a full week with Center for Community Transformation staff as they celebrated 20 years of growth and successful service to the poor in the Philippines. President Ruth Callanta spent time reflecting on the past but also casting vision for the future as CCT hopes to transform more communities in the Philippines and reach more marginalized people groups.

There was a three-part theme set to guide the educational and celebratory sessions. The theme was “Passion for God. Passion for the Philippines. Passion for the Filipino Poor”.  Every speaker or event was chosen to address one of these themes. Pastors and spiritual leaders spoke to address the spiritual health of the CCT staff as well as teach them how to cultivate spiritual transformation of their borrowers. Professors and experts on Filipino culture addressed the latter two themes in order to re-ignite the passion of the staff for their unique culture and fascinating history as a nation. Lastly, President Ruth Callanta identified the marginalized impoverished groups of the Philippines and identified the steps to begin or refine outreach efforts to make financial and support services more available. These groups include the landless agricultural workers of the Visayas, the B’laan tribe of Mindanao and a group of people known as “fisher folks”.

What follows is a pictorial presentation of the 20th anniversary celebration:

CCT received recognition for years of service in microfinance and other support services

Cultural dance and instruments from the B'laan tribe in Mindinao, one of the identified marginalized groups to receive services from CCT

Cultural Dance from the island of Palawan

Freedom Wall allowed CCT staff to write messages about their MFI and celebration

"I love CDO" refers to Cagayan de Oro, one of the cities in Mindanao that lost thousands of residents to Typhoon Sendong

This skit portrays a scenario involving CCT's insurance products that are offered to their partners

Cultural Dance from the island of Palawan

Cultural dance from the B'laan tribe of Mindinao

Palawan cultural dance

Jill Hall is part of Kiva Fellows 16th class, working with Center for Community Transformation (CCT) in the Philippines. She is enjoying all the sights, sounds and food of her new home, the Philippines.  Please support CCT borrowers by reading about their stories and making a loan today. Be a part of the movement of Kiva and join CCT’s lending team or check out CCT’s partner page. Former posts written by Jill about her experiences in Manila and Center For Community Transformation (CCT) can be found at:

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And the Winner is….

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  • 1. GABRIEL ODAY  |  22 July 2012 at 07:23

    it was very nice experience to gathered all the staff of cct credit cooperative at the 20th anniversary in tagaytay. I”lve learned a lot of things specially as a CCB, it helps me to have more passionate, to all my partners to understand them and to love them for who they are. In handling fellowship, by sharing the word God,through micro finance, honestly i admit, that its not an easy task,because you’ve handling people have different faith and beliefs.But as a soldier of God, why should i be afraid? as long as the Holy Spirit is in us.I know its the only tool to change the community and to have transforming life.thanks CCT credit cooperative through this ministry many people will be save and accepting Jesus as there Lord and personal savior.Amen…………………… Gbriel oday (.davao toril ccb)

  • 2. Prem  |  22 January 2012 at 14:15

    Great post Jill. Makes me miss my time at CCT. Tell lala, mike and ruth I said hi.

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