Update from the Field: Introducing joinFITE.org, a new platform designed to empower women in entrepreneurship

11 June 2012 at 09:00 5 comments

Compiled by Isabel Balderrama | KF17 | Ecuador

Fatime, Ayşe Betül, Sevtap, and Fatma, all members of Turkey’s Jet Group which joinFITE.org has helped support

Welcome to this week’s brief update from the field. As this class of fellows’ time in the field wraps up we have a post by Kimberly Strathearn (KF 16/17, Turkey) who tells us about FITE, a new website powered by Kiva and supported by the leading skin care brand Dermatologica. Read Kimberly’s article Retail Consumers as Micro Lenders + What is FITE? + Maya Entrepreneurs Supported by FITE to learn about this exciting new lending platform that focuses exclusively on female entrepreneurship. Don’t forget to also check out last week’s Update From the Field in order to catch up on some more of KF-17’s last minute adventures, retrospectives, and lessons learned.

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Retail Consumers as Micro Lenders + What is FITE? + Maya Entrepreneurs Supported by FITE Who Are Some of Maya’s Volunteers + What Do They Do?


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