The Start of Start-up Loans on Kiva Savings Accounts make me way too excited!


  • […] It all started with a bijouterie workshop Eduarda Carmo Vaz | KF18 | Peru In this post, Eduarda explains Edaprospro’s group lending methodology and tells a story of growth through the eyes of a group of women that came together to form a communal bank after attending a jewelry-making workshop in 2008. […]

  • 2. Amy Leeson  |  10 August 2012 at 09:41

    Great post, Eduarda! I especially like that quote from Lina at the end. It sounds as though learning the skills to make products that people want to buy, and earning her own living, have had a positive impact on her self-esteem.

    It is great to know that the members of a comunal bank earn a high return on their savings, by lending them to other group members at the same rate Edaprospo charges. I wish my bank paid such interest on my savings!

    A lender recently was surprised when one of her group loans became delinquent, because she did not realize that not all groups featured on Kiva guarantee one another’s loans. I will share with her, that Edaprospo groups do make that guarantee, and have savings besides so that if a member has trouble making her payment one month, she may be able to borrow the amount she needs from within her group.

    • 3. Eduarda Carmo Vaz  |  25 August 2012 at 21:57

      Thanks for your comment Amy! I also loved to hear about Lina’s story and the impact that the group loans had in her self-esteem. It is often the case that not only the loans, but the whole communal bank process is really an empowering tool.

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