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Video Journal: The Most Exciting Thing to Do in Richards Bay, South Africa

By Daniel Jung, KF15, South Africa

Oh, the excitement I felt once I confirmed my Kiva Fellowship for South Africa, one of the world’s great travel destinations. Where would I be based? In Cape Town, under the shadow of Table Mountain? In Johannesburg, South Africa’s hub of business and culture? South African wine country? Not exactly. I am most definitely, positively not near one of South Africa’s main travel destinations. Instead, I am in Richards Bay. Here’s a description of Richards Bay in The Lonely Planet’s Guide to South Africa:

“The industrial port of Richards Bay is a mass of modern suburbia, aluminium smelters and a web of roads linking very little. It’s included here for two reasons: many people fly in and out of Richards Bay Airport, as do many bird species(.)”

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Video Blog: The Many, Many, Many Languages of South Africa

by Daniel Jung, KF15, South Africa

I am currently based in Richards Bay on the coast of KwaZulu-Natal, where Zulus comprise the strong majority of the population. This doesn’t mean that Zulu is the only language spoken. At the regional office of Kiva’s partner in South Africa, Women’s Development Businesses (WDB) , four different languages are regularly used. To try to keep everything straight, I compiled a handy chart of common phrases in these four languages. Unfortunately, this chart is really difficult to write on my hand:

English Zulu Setswana Tsonga
Hello Sawu Bana Dumelang Kunjhani
Thank you Ngi Bonga Kealeboga Inkomu
Yes Yebo Ke dumalana le wema Ina
No Cha Nyaa Ee
Sorry Ngi yalisa Ke kopa tshwarelo Ndzi Khomele
Good bye Salekahle Salang Sentle Salani Kahle

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Zulu Weddings

By Daniel Jung, KF15, South Africa

Traditional Zulu Wedding Outfit

Kiva’s partner in South Africa, Women’s Development Businesses (WDB), serves rural women throughout the southern portion of Kwazulu-Natal. In this region, Zulus make up the strong majority of the population, particularly in rural areas outside of Durban and Richards Bay. One of the most popular methods for WDB’s clients to earn income is by using the loans to buy materials to make mats, clothes, and jewelry for traditional Zulu weddings.

Weddings in any culture are complex affairs filled with symbolic gestures and ornaments, and Zulu weddings are no different. I’ve not yet had the pleasure of attending a wedding in South Africa but two future brides-to-be, WDB’s Kiva coordinators Smah and Gnile, walked me through a typical Zulu wedding and explained the role of the mats, clothing, and jewelry. Learning about Zulu weddings has provided me with insight into the changing nature of Zulu culture, and I thought it would be a good thing to share on the Kiva Fellow’s Blog.

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