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An Innovative Approach to Microcredit in Costa Rica

John Murphy – KF12 – EDESA – Costa Rica

Having completed my fellowship at EDESA Costa Rica, I’d like to share with you an explanatory video of the MFI and its lending methodology. Enjoy.

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Peace, Love, and Platanos – video recap of a recent visit to three ECCs

By John Murphy, KF12, Costa Rica

Video – This past weekend Steven, Gerardo, and I made our way to Talamanca, indigenous territory in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone. There we met with three up-and-coming ECCs set up with the help of Peace Corps volunteer Chase Adam.

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Costa Rica…in ten seconds

By John Murphy, KF12, Costa Rica

*Weekend edition* – Costa Rica in ten seconds

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Planting Trees with Schoolchildren – Social Responsibility in Microfinance

By John Murphy, KF12, Costa Rica

*Update: additional video just added – interview with the ECC’s vice president Vicky.

Social responsibility means taking care of the “triple bottom line” – people, planet, profit. Check in for pictures and a video about one Communal Credit Company’s social responsibility efforts.

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By John Murphy, KF12, Costa Rica

Around us mountains soared as we left San José at dawn…

Check in for a recap of our recent visit to a group of indigenous Costa Rican Kiva borrowers. Pictures and video included.

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“They are lined up around the block”

By John Murphy, KF12, Costa Rica

Great things are happening here at EDESA in San José, Costa Rica. A quick rundown of what EDESA does and how that ties back to Kiva and lenders like you.

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12th Class Kiva Fellows Training Week Recap

By John Murphy, KF12, Costa Rica –

By the end of our week together at Kiva HQ in the Mission District of San Francisco, it had become clear to everyone what all the Kiva hype is about. If you are a Kiva fan (which reading this likely indicates), getting an inside look at Kiva HQ would only reaffirm your admiration.

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