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A Photo Diary of Uganda

Sarah Curl, KF12 Uganda

Here is a photo diary of what I have seen in Uganda over the past three months.


24 October 2010 at 08:00 6 comments

Uganda’s Taxi Park: Organization in the Chaos

By Sarah Curl, KF 12 Uganda

It’s five thirty in the morning and my cell phone that functions as an alarm, telephone, clock and flashlight is going off. The sound starts off soothing but gets more obnoxious as the minutes pass. I reach out but my bed net is blocking my access to the blaring sound. I fumble around the bed net and find some opening to reach out and turn my alarm off. This morning is the start of a long day which consists of traveling to a branch that is five hours away. As I quickly get up, I stumble around and find clothes that appear appropriate in the dark. I grab a yogurt that I drink while I walk the ten minutes to find a boda-boda. My eyes have not completely opened yet but with the boda speeding through traffic lanes and oncoming traffic, it always has a way of waking you up and being the natural caffeine you need in the morning.

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Video: Uganda from the eyes of a Kiva Fellow

By Sarah Curl, KF 12 Uganda

After eight weeks in the field, I have logged some serious hours in matatus and buses. I thought I would share some of the things I come across on a day to day basis. Here is a short observational video of Uganda.

Continue Reading 23 September 2010 at 06:00 6 comments

Bodas and Borrowers

By Sarah Curl, KF12 Uganda

Prior to finding myself in the middle of Uganda, I had the opportunity to be an intern at Kiva Headquarters in San Francisco working in the Customer Service Department for the past seven months. I talked and emailed with lenders daily about everything from their excitement and sometimes disappointment with microfinance to needing their password changed on their Kiva account. If you emailed between the months of November through May, most likely I communicated with you. Talking to thousands of lenders during my time at Kiva made me wonder and be intrigued about the other side of the Kiva model, the borrowers. I wanted to see and talk with the entrepreneurs, to hear their stories, struggles, hopes and dreams. The idea of being able to visit borrowers was a big draw for me when applying to be a Kiva Fellow. Like every Kiva Lender, you have the opportunity to read about the entrepreneur’s story and see their pictures, but I wanted to experience a little more.

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Being Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

By Sarah Curl, KF12 Uganda

I have spent the last two weeks in Kampala, Uganda learning how to adapt to a country that is very different from the one I’ve known for the last twenty-three years. It has taken some patience, some meltdowns and some courage to continue on. In the last two weeks, I have had my luggage lost, been chased by a crazy man with a branch and peed on by a child on a mini-bus.

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