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Green Microfinance: Backyard Biogas in Bali, Indonesia

By Anne Conlin, KF15 Indonesia

In a past blog post, I discussed how loans from Kiva’s partner MUK in rural West Bali, Indonesia are helping women expand the scale of their pig breeding businesses. As part of MUK’s mission statement is to address local environmental issues, MUK is currently piloting a program that would put pig waste to good use, by installing biogas digesters in the backyards of successful pig borrowers.

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Bali – An Island of Contrasts

By Joanne Gan, KF12, Indonesia

On an island paradise where surfers from around the world come to catch the best waves, and honeymooners flock, I knew that volunteering in Bali as a Kiva Fellow I would see distinct contrasts in the lives of the people on this island. The most interesting contrasts to me, however, have not been those between tourists and locals, nor between hotel owners in Kuta and farm workers in rural Bali – although these differences are indeed sharp. Instead, working at Kiva’s partner Mitra Usaha Kecil (MUK) over the last month, I have been intrigued by the disparities in income and living conditions by MUK borrowers.

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A Microfinance Not-So-Success Story

Last night I lay in bed for almost an hour, unable to sleep. It wasn’t because I was getting eaten alive by the mosquito colony that seems to have taken up camp my room, nor was it because I wanted to follow in Bryan Goldfinger’s example and starting an insomniac-Kiva-Fellows tradition. I had visited a borrower today, and unlike past journal visits, I did not leave this one feeling inspired by the diligence and conscientiousness of the entrepreneur, or even introspective after witnessing the slow pace at which microfinance helping borrowers. Instead, the visit left me feeling somewhat troubled.

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