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Green Microfinance: Backyard Biogas in Bali, Indonesia

By Anne Conlin, KF15 Indonesia

In a past blog post, I discussed how loans from Kiva’s partner MUK in rural West Bali, Indonesia are helping women expand the scale of their pig breeding businesses. As part of MUK’s mission statement is to address local environmental issues, MUK is currently piloting a program that would put pig waste to good use, by installing biogas digesters in the backyards of successful pig borrowers.

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Lasting Impressions of Microfinance

By Joanne Gan, KF12 (Indonesia) and KF13 (Philippines)

If you asked me what I have learned about microfinance during my Kiva Fellowship, I wouldn’t know where to start. I have learned that running a social business comes with its share of challenges. I have learned that technology will pave new ways for the future of microfinance. I have learned that the best microfinance organizations have their clients at the heart of all their activities. I could go on and on about my impressions of microfinance from the last six months…but in my final blog post, I will spare you. Instead, below I share with you my 5 favorite images (from the 1,667 photos I’ve taken here) of microfinance at work.

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The Start of Something New: Expansion in Central Bali

By Joanne Gan, KF12, Indonesia

At the end of 2009, Koperasi Mitra Usaha Kecil (MUK) was a microfinance presence in West Bali, operating at its headquarters office in the village of Blimbingsari and a single branch in Melaya. As we approach the end of 2010, MUK’s footprint is steadily expanding…with a new branch office set to open soon in Baturiti.

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Squirrel Hunting, Microfinance, and Community

By Joanne Gan, KF12, Indonesia

Through backyard jungles they traipse armed with bb guns and with dogs trailing behind. They bang large wooden hammers against coconut trees, climb up and down the trees, and position themselves to point and shoot. 14 men on a mission: to protect their village gardens from squirrels. While in some parts of the world, hunting squirrels (the adorable, furry friends from childhood cartoons) does not sound so appealing, but here in west Bali, squirrels are pests, feeding on the coconuts and cacao fruit – from which people here make a living.

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Bali – An Island of Contrasts

By Joanne Gan, KF12, Indonesia

On an island paradise where surfers from around the world come to catch the best waves, and honeymooners flock, I knew that volunteering in Bali as a Kiva Fellow I would see distinct contrasts in the lives of the people on this island. The most interesting contrasts to me, however, have not been those between tourists and locals, nor between hotel owners in Kuta and farm workers in rural Bali – although these differences are indeed sharp. Instead, working at Kiva’s partner Mitra Usaha Kecil (MUK) over the last month, I have been intrigued by the disparities in income and living conditions by MUK borrowers.

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Pig Breeding – Just One of My Jobs

By Joanne Gan, KF12, Indonesia

Growing up in New Zealand, where sheep abound and dairy is a vital part of the economy, I am ashamed to say that I know very little about farming. All that, however, has begun to change in the past couple of weeks, as I have started my Kiva Fellowship with Mitra Usaha Kecil (MUK), based in Bali Indonesia. At MUK most Kiva loans are taken out by groups of women who breed and raise pigs, and the organization has a seasoned vet on staff to provide advice for its clients.

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