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On avian appetites and accidental entrepreneurs…

Heather Sullivan | KF 17 | Indonesia

Nearly every Kiva Fellow will tell you that meeting borrowers is one of the greatest satisfactions of serving “in the field.”  It’s a delight to sit down with a group of borrowers and hear them talk about their families, their small businesses, their challenges, and their accomplishments. Quite possibly, local snacks will be involved; if you’re lucky, the snacks will not only be “locally sourced” but indeed specialty confections made from scratch by one of the borrowers. (In Kiva Fellow lingo, this is called “eating the profits” — all the better if the edible profits are green!)

Es PIsang Ijo, banana in a green “robe” served with delicious coconut cream.

Hugs and kisses from ebullient borrowers, group photos with the goofy-looking bule (Indonesian for “foreigner”), plantains in green robes — all good stuff. Even more rewarding, though, are the glimpses into how individuals and their loans fit into the local culture and economy.


24 February 2012 at 14:08 1 comment

A Typical Day in the Life of a Kiva Fellow: Loan Officer Training (Video Blog Post)

By Emmanuel M. von Arx, KF 16, Guayaquil (Ecuador)

Video posts on a “typical day” in the life of a Kiva Fellow are a time-honored tradition on the Fellows Blog. Without any more words, here is my contribution to the video series of documenting a typical day in the life of a Kiva fellow. Like all previous contributors to the series, I am keenly aware that there is no “typical day” for Kiva Fellows. But taken together, the growing number of “typical day”-videos may at least convey something of the diversity, unpredictability, spontaneity, and joy that a typical untypical day of a Kiva Fellowship entails. Enjoy!

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Island life – is it really as glamorous as it sounds?

By Kaajal Laungani, KF12 Philippines

It was a typical bright and sunny morning as I walked down the Talibon Pier towards the tiny boat that would take me island hopping for the day. I was greeted by six smiling loan officers already seated inside the boat; they watched as I maneuvered myself down steep sloping rocks, balanced on a beam to cross the water, and finally jumped onto the boat that would take me on an incredible forty-five minute ride through the Philippine Sea…

After a few stops and many laughs, we arrived at Nocnocan Island – a tiny island that is only accessible by boat. We pulled up on the shore and walked through a maze of homes and shops, the alleys approximately three and a half feet wide. At the cluster meeting house, where the CEVI borrowers gather on a weekly basis, I was able to learn about island life and how the microfinance loans were making an impact on the Nocnocan community.

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Being a Kiva Fellow – My week with 5 LO and 100 Kiva borrowers – Part 2

Have you ever wondered what Kiva Fellows really do on a daily basis?

Second and last episode of my week
On the menu of the end of this week: new profiles, client waiver, training. Working with loan officers and Kiva Coordinators.

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Video: Follow Your $25 to Vietnam EPISODE 3!!!

Dear Lender,

If you’re tuning in for the first time, you’re in for a treat!  Watch as a group of women in a remote province of northern Vietnam receive access to credit for the very first time.  Feel their hope, hear their fears, and share in the laughter =)

This is the last of a 3-part video blogging series in which I attempt to give you a snapshot of the person-to-person experience you would have if you were to follow your $25 Kiva loan to Vietnam.  I hope you enjoy!

By Lory Ishii, KF10, Vietnam

Lory is serving in Hanoi, Vietnam with Kiva Field Partner, Center of Small Enterprise Development Assistance (SEDA) as a member of the Kiva Fellows 10th class.  Please join SEDA’s lending team, make a loan to a SEDA entrepreneur or donate to Kiva today!

9 April 2010 at 09:27 5 comments

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