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Lessons from a Cowboy Town: the Importance of Good Institutions

Betsy McCormick, KF12

There is a saying here in the cowboy state of Olancho: “Come if you want, get out if you can.” The phrase, I believe, originates from two primary facts: 1. Olancho is quite removed from anywhere else in Honduras, and 2. Olancho has, unfortunately, become known in the last few years as a place for violent family feuds and deadly drug crimes.

For me, however, the saying (thankfully!) has garnered a different meaning all together.

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Innovation in Microcredit: Women, Children and Second Chances

Betsy McCormick, KF12, Honduras

Here at FAMA in Honduras, the organization is always striving to go above and beyond to find ways to better serve clients, and to reach out to marginalized populations. Through a bit of foresight, an increasing tolerance for risk and a deep commitment to the community, FAMA has come up with three products that deserve special attention.

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Multiple Loan Cycles – A Never Ending Cycle?

Many MFIs depend heavily on repeat customers to achieve financial stability, resulting in multiple loan cycles for clients. Is this a good thing? Click on the post to read the thoughts of one Kiva Fellow in Honduras.

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FAMA OPDF – Kiva’s Newest Field Partner in Honduras

Matt Raimondi, KF11

Familia y Medio Ambiente (FAMA OPDF) is Kiva’s newest Field Partner in Honduras. FAMA was started in the village of San Nicolás in 1990 with the first loans being for 50 Lempiras (Approx. $25USD in 1990). FAMA has grown significantly from its humble beginnings and is now headquartered in Juticalpa, Olancho and operates 12 additional branches throughout Honduras, serving over 12,500 clients. Click here to read more about FAMA and making loans to FAMA’s clients!

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Natural Disasters in Developing Countries – Tropical Storm Agatha

By Matt Raimondi, KF11, Honduras

Tropical Storm Agatha is the first tropical storm of the 2010 Hurricane season and while relatively weak, it is a disturbing reminder of how catastrophic even the weak storms can be for a developing country.

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