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A Photo Contest, Kiva Training and Some Light Audit Work

By Patrick Seeton | KF18 | Kenya

One of the most effective ways of improving Kiva’s relationship with its partners is travelling to the branches and providing Kiva Training.  Kiva training involves a refresher for the Credit Officers – the ones who make microfinance really work on the ground – about what Kiva is, how it works, why it’s important, what they need to do for a Kiva loan and finally – taking GREAT photos!

Now, I’m not a natural photographer, but as you can see from some of the Borrower Profiles on, neither are all our partner’s Credit Officers!   So as part of Kiva training at the branches I have been having the Credit Officers go through an exercise to practice taking GREAT photos of each other using just items around them in the office – you can see some of the results in the slideshow below.

Another critical part of a Fellow’s experience is going out and performing Borrower Verifications.   Aside from the adventure and connection Fellows get from these often remote borrower visits and the audit function it provides for Kiva, we also get a chance to practice our own Borrower Profile photography! – again, you can see the results in the slideshow below.

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7 September 2012 at 07:00 1 comment

Ceviche and Pisco Sour

By Eduarda Carmo Vaz | KF18 | Peru

For those of you who have never been in Peru on a 28th of June, you might have missed a very important fact: today is the NATIONAL CEVICHE DAY.

Ceviche, a dish made of fresh raw fish marinated in lemon juice and spices, is without any doubt the most famous Peruvian dish.

So what does a Kiva Fellow in Lima do in such a day? Logically, it goes to a “Ceviche Festival”.

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Updates from the Field: Past and Present, Last-Minute Contemplation and General Appreciation

Compiled by David Gorgani | KF17 | Dominican Republic

The KF17 Fellows are heading home. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, many of KF17’s Fellows have already ended their service and many more will be ending theirs within the next few days. Through retrospective contemplation on what we have and haven’t accomplished in the past four months, through appreciation for what we have loved most in our time as Fellows, and through last-minute insight on the economy and culture of our second homes, this week’s Updates from the Field expresses KF17’s common sentiment of closure.

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Update from the Field: Translation Follies, Contemplating Kindness and Comfort and KF Cribs

Compiled by David Gorgani | KF17 | Dominican Republic

This week’s stories from the field span topics ranging from ill-equipped law enforcement to the “luxurious” living places of Kiva Fellows. Two of this week’s posts – “Lost in Translation” and “Home is Where the Fellow Is” – compile material from Fellows around the world to give some insight to the similarities and the differences in typical Fellow experiences, while the other two – “Clean Water and Safe Streets: What do we take for Granted?” and “More than Just Fun in the Philippines” offer end-of-Fellowship level insight about the many opportunities for growth and learning that this amazing experience has presented.

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Update from the Field: Thoughts on Wealth, Religion and History, Foods from the Field, and a Day in the Life of a Fellow

Compiled by David Gorgani | KF17 | Dominican Republic

As our fellowships wind down and as the first batch of KF17 fellows packs up to head home, the time has arrived to reflect on our experiences in the field and on the realities faced on a daily basis by the people living in the countries in which we’ve spent the past 3-4 months.  Whether discussing religious beliefs, economic circumstances, history, or simply what’s for lunch tomorrow, our time in the field has finally given us the ability to analyze these realities with something resembling authority.  Furthermore, after almost 4 months in the field we can finally contemplate the idea of showing our readers what the elusive “typical day” in the field is like.  Enjoy!

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Update from the Field: Colorful Markets, Microfinance for Students + Springtime Flowers and Celebrations

Compiled by Allison Moomey | KF16 & KF17 | Bénin

Springtime has arrived and fellows around the world are celebrating the resfreshing new life springing from the ground. From millions of tulips in Turkey to smelling family members and friends in Mongolia, fellows have been busy embracing the unique cultures of their host countries. Join Isabel as she explores Ecuador’s colorful markets, Natalie as she discovers an innovative mirofinance program run from a high school, and Kim as she celebrates the colorful fields of flowers in Turkey. Finally, see how the debut of spring is enjoyed around the world with Jon in Mongolia, Chris in the Ukraine, Jen in Cambodia, Natalie in Cameroon, and Kiyomi and Emmanuel in Mexico.

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