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Recycling for Life and Family in the Mexican Countryside

Emmanuel M. von Arx | KF 16+17 | Mexico

I have a confession to make: I love to browse Kiva borrower profiles – even occasionally without any actual intention to make a loan. I believe that reading the stories of borrowers from all over the world and knowing their dreams tells me more about a country and the mentality of its people than even the best of all travel guidebooks. And knowing some of the challenges they are facing in their lives and how they are surmounting them, being aware of the long hours they work every day and their dedication to their families – all this inspires me deeply and on a very personal level: if people can thrive under difficult circumstances thanks to incredibly hard work and a dream, then I should and will be able to do something meaningful and lasting with my own life as well! My Kiva lender profile reads: “I loan because… Kiva borrowers never cease to inspire me with their courage, talent, and dedication!”

That strong sense of inspiration that speaks to me out of every Kiva borrower’s history has been multiplied during my time in the field as a Kiva Fellow in the course of many personal meetings with borrowers. I have met literally dozens of borrowers who have left an indelible mark in my heart and mind. But recently I have met a borrower who is so extraordinary and unusual that even I – one of the more seasoned Kiva Fellows – was blown away. Her name is Ma de los Angeles and this blog entry tells the story of her work and her success.

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Update from the Field: Earth Day, Celebrations + Exceeding Expectations

Compiled by Alexis Ditkowsky

Kiva Fellows observed Earth Day by sharing projects initiated by their partner microfinance institutions and host countries and by celebrating’s first batch of “Green Loans”. The upbeat mood also extended to anniversary parties at MFIs in Jordan and Armenia, enthusiastic endorsements to travel to Colombia, and reporting on a great opportunity for Kiva clients in Mongolia. Fellows also visited with borrowers in the Philippines, South Africa, and Armenia, and took us on a typical commute in Mexico City. All in all, a very busy week as members of KF14 wind down their time in the field.

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Trash Talk

Women at Fundacion Mujer are talking trash. How much they have, where to find more, and what they are going to do with it. Keep reading to discover how trash relates to this microfinance institution, and why the Fundación, like many of Kiva’s field partners, offers services beyond financial empowerment.

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A loan you missed: Broom-maker Rosa Margarita (with video of production)

From Casey Unrein, KF12

One of the major issues that is holding Edpyme Alternativa back in providing their Capital Semilla product to a larger number of clients and making the interest rate even more affordable*, is the work involved in meeting Kiva’s requirements. Like it or not, posting profiles, repayments and journals is a time consuming and expensive activity. This is especially true when you are an institution like Edpyme Alternativa which has thirteen agencies spread across a broad section of northern Peru and over sixty different credit officers disbursing loans.

Recently, I visited one of EA’s agencies which has struggled to provide borrower profile data and journal data within the period allowed by Kiva. I spent the day visiting six borrowers that had received the Capital Semilla product. Of the six, only two were funded on Kiva. Here are is an update on one of those that didn’t make it onto the website. It is a story of a borrower that is bettering her life with the help of microfinance, and indirectly with the help of Kiva.

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