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Stress melting away…reflecting on San Francisco from afar

Varick Schwartz | KF18 | Kenya

As I walk down the dusty, traffic-choked streets of Nairobi on my way to work, I feel the stress melting away.  Another cool morning; Kenyans all around wearing coats and sweaters to fend off ‘winter.’ I’m fine in a light shirt, having grown accustomed to ‘summer’ in San Francisco.

The warmth of the people here is part of the reason that it’s easy for me to release stress, to allow immersion within conditions so different. Smiles beget smiles, for the most part. No one is in a hurry; I haven’t yet gotten the impression that someone doesn’t have time to converse, which feels good, reassuring on a human level.


29 June 2012 at 16:00 3 comments

Update from the Field: Life as a Fellow in San Francisco, a walk through an art fair + becoming part of a winning soccer team

Compiled by Isabel Balderrama | KF17 + KF18 | Bolivia

On this week’s update we have a great collection of posts describing some of our Kiva Fellows’ Class 18 arrival to their new and exciting field assignments. But first, we are treated to an article from an out-going fellow who takes us on a visually-pleasing journey through Mexico’s largest artisan fair. This week’s journey also takes us to Kosovo and to its capital Pristina, where we will learn more about this small new state in the Balkans. Then its off to Peru, where we are given the opportunity to learn more about Kiva’s goal of creating a global link between lenders and borrowers by examining one example: promoting community development through team sports. Yey for soccer! Finally, the narrative wouldn’t be complete without a Kiva’d up take on The Real World which you should read if you have always wondered what the famed week of fellows’ training in Kiva Headquarters, San Francisco is like. Enjoy!

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Drawings from Training and Greetings from Boston

By Alexis Ditkowsky, KF14, South Africa

You’ll be hearing a lot from the 14th batch of Kiva Fellows (KF14) in the next few months but I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself while my Internet is fast and my motivation to go outside is low (it’s well below freezing in Boston).

Continue Reading 18 January 2011 at 08:42 14 comments

Reflections on a U.S. Fellowship

By Casey Koppelson, KF12 United States & KF13 Philippines

A video of an Opportunity Fund client demonstrating how to re-shoe a horse. In some ways, Mike is your typical U.S. microfinance client.

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Today is an exciting day!

By Jacqueline Gunn, KF13- Ghana

Monday 1st November marks the start of the 13th class of Kiva Fellows. In various locations across the world, our class of 24 individuals from a large variety of different backgrounds, ages and interests will be eagerly stepping into their host MFI’s office to start their journey as a Kiva Fellow in the field. Watch the video to find out where we will be based.

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Scoping Out the Competition

By Casey Koppelson, KF12, United States

One of my side projects here at Opportunity Fund is to learn about the competition—banks, credit unions, not-for-profits, and payday lenders—and how they are advertising small loans. What sort of messages are potential clients seeing?

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Where Are the U.S. Borrowers?

By Casey Koppelson, KF12, United States

If you’re a Kiva lender hoping to make a loan in the good ol’ USA, you may have trouble finding a borrower. Because there are few of them, Kiva loans from the U.S. tend to fund quickly—within 4 or 5 days, sometimes overnight. What’s behind Kiva’s U.S. loan shortage?

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